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Amongst the Wildflowers

I've found that the creative mind is always a little unsettled. Flitting and dancing around ideas, adventures, projects, people and places. I have a hundred interests and a hundred loves, and a constantly buzzing brain.

So I decided to keep it in all one place, the flitting and dancing of my neurons, perhaps more for my memories than anything else. But it will be filled with my artistic interests and projects, market life and working on exhibits, bits and pieces from my adventures and travels, living with anxiety and depression and how that's changed my perception on things, what its like to juggle work, study, small business running and a life, my darling little fur family, my plant obsession, the books I'm reading and the things, places and people that I love.

It will be partly dedicated to the going ons of Maggie and Tonks, don't worry. Little things I'm working on, bits and pieces that are happening, things I'm learning and any exciting updates I have! But, it will be a whole lot more as well... and a real chance to get to know me, as I continue discovering myself.

If you're interested. Follow along.
You can also find the little things I'm up to on my personal instagram: @amongstthewildflowers_


Amongst the free,
Amongst the fierce,
Amongst the fearless.

Amongst the women that

Amongst the wildflowers.
That's where you'll find me.


Dancing, growing, living,


Sarah x

Sarah Burley