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Lavender Lines

Lavender Lines is one of Sarah's other creative pursuits. Focusing more on fine line and ink illustrations, henna and tattoo design. It allows Sarah the chance to branch out to a more 'adult' audience with her themes.

The signature print series called "The Universes we create between us" shows the ability to push boundaries and turn unique concepts into relatable art.

All prints are available for purchase through our shop, and in store at ReLove.

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Instagram: @lavenderlines_ink

A Wildflowers Words

Whilst being a deeply passionate artist, Sarah has also had a fondness for writing that has stuck with her for as long as she can remember. Whilst dancing through metaphors and creating a world that delivers kinder but still honest truths than the reality we often live, she finds herself understanding and learning about life, love and people constantly. Two thirds through her first novel which she hopes to self publish next year, she has an ever growing collection of poems and prose she is turning into prints.

Sarah combines her words with the art she creates under Lavender Lines to nurture an environment that submerses the reader into a softer world.

Instagram: @awildflowerswords

S.Burley Art and Design

Ranging from abstract to expressionism to still life, this is the body of work that allows Sarah to really let her hair down. Bold and adventurous colour pallets, a lust for nature and a curiousity for the deep mystery that is womankind sets the scene for the types of work she creates. Now in her third year of exhibiting works, a member of the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery and the RAW Artist organisation, she's just beginning to dip her toes in this ocean sized exploration that is the art world.

Visit www.rawartists.org/sarahburleyart for information about upcoming showcases and other information.

Current exhibition: to be announced.

Commission spaces currently available.
For current available pieces email: maggieandtonks@yahoo.com

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